Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is known as a big city with small town friendliness. Home to the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, Milwaukee offers law students everything from practical legal experiences to fantastic restaurants, sports, cultural events, and the like.

  • Eckstein Hall: Students enjoy all that the main campus has to offer while also being in close proximity to the Historic Third Ward, the Milwaukee Public Market, Milwaukee County Courthouse, and much more.
  • Opportunities: Enrolled at the only law school in a metropolitan area of substantial size, Marquette law students are well-positioned for internships, networking, and job placement.


We call Milwaukee America's smallest big city. And it definitely feels that way.

Well, you get a lot of opportunities, as you would in a typical big city like Chicago or Dallas, or New York, there's always something to do downtown. East side, I also like because closer to that is where the lake is. And I love Bradford Beach Over the summer, there is always a festival going on.

We are a community of amazing restaurants and great music. We're part of main campus, so you have all that the main campus has to offer. But we also are sitting right on the edge of the city. The Third Ward is in walking distance. The courthouses are in walking distance.

We are the only law school here, which means that our students in a very substantial city have all sorts of extraordinary opportunities without having to compete with other students.

As a first year law student, I was fortunate enough to get a position as a summer intern at one of the biggest firms here in Milwaukee. There are a lot of places of employment here for law students and for lawyers in Milwaukee, multiple big firms, and then a ton of mid-sized firms and solo practitioners who hire students off the bat, and also opportunities to work for companies in their legal departments.

There are a lot of networking events where you get to meet a ton of attorneys, a ton of judges. There are a lot of opportunities for whatever it is that you might be looking for.

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