Jesuit Identity

As a Catholic and Jesuit law school, we provide a community that promotes development through conversations and experiences that matter. As we seek to graduate alumni who are men and women for others, we strive to be that for our students, providing support, encouragement, and services to help them grow into competent, caring professionals.

  • Cura Personalis: Care for the whole person. Marquette University Law School fosters an environment that allows for growth personally, spiritually, and intellectually.
  • Magis: Greater or more. Marquette University Law School encourages law students to do more through community participation, engagement, and service, often in the form of pro-bono work.
  • Service: Pro bono. Annually, law students complete approximately 10,000 hours of pro bono work in the Milwaukee community. Many of these hours are fulfilled alongside volunteer attorneys at the various locations of the Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic.


One of the Jesuit principles at Marquette Law School is cura personalis, which means care for the whole person.

We are training lawyers here, but we are also in the business of making sure that people who come out of here are men and women for others. And therefore, we have to be that for them. And we want to. That's my favorite part of my job, is meeting with students to talk about what they want to become, what they want and get out of law school.

Law school is a stressful place, but Marquette really made sure that this was a place where you could grow as a person, both spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

Magis is a Latin word. It literally translates as greater, or more, and it reflects encouraging ourselves and our students, in particular, to do more. Often, that takes the form of pro bono work in the community.

Marquette has a very large emphasis on service, and I think that comes in part from the Jesuit tradition and the Jesuit faith. Students complete over 10,000 hours of pro bono service a year, and I truly believe that even that number is underreported. There is just a very strong emphasis on giving back and making sure that they're producing lawyers that know that pro bono is a part of being a lawyer.

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