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Career Planning

  • Individualized Attention: Marquette Law School’s experienced staff supports students in exploring and defining personal career goals, crafting job search strategies that complement those goals through one-on-one meetings.
  • Continuous Service: The Career Planning Center offers services and resources to students beginning in the first year and works continuously with them through their tenure at the Law School, helping to navigate resume-building, preparation for interviews, and more.
  • Alumni Engagement: Alumni serve as panelists to provide job-searching insight and cultivate relationships with current students.
  • On-Campus Recruitment Program: Our fall on-campus recruitment program for second- and third-year students brings law firms, government agencies, and companies to interview and hire students for summer jobs and post-graduate employment. First-year students interview in spring.


There's two things that make Marquette's Career Planning Center really stand out in our approach. And I think of it in two words, individualized and continuous. We're going to get to know the student, where that students from, what they want to do with their law degree, what their target locations are for after law school.

The other piece is that we're continuous in our service. We want to meet with you as a first year student and work with you continuously through your tenure at Marquette Law School.

They helped me negotiate a first year position, which is rare and was a really great opportunity. You see alumni coming back year after year, whether it's to help host an employment panel or a career searching panel or just generally talk to students.

One component of our recruitment efforts is called the Fall Recruitment Program, which includes on-campus interviewing. We're bringing the large law firms to campus, as well as some government agencies, some midsize firms, and some companies. And their focus is interviewing our second year students for jobs to follow the next summer.

They really helped me prepare for my interviews this fall. And I was lucky enough to end up with a job offer for next summer.

One of the numbers that I like best out of our most recent collection of data is that for full time placement in long term positions that require Bar passage, Marquette tracked 11 percentage points above average.

Marquette prepared me very well for employment. They guided me along the way through their career services. And because of that, I was able to interview and have a job a month before I graduated. I now work at Legal Action of Wisconsin.


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