Succeeding in Law School

Our supportive community provides opportunities and programs for students to learn what it takes to be successful in law school.

  • Student Success Program (SSP): These first-year sessions are designed to help students build the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom and on law school examinations. Students are provided with general tips on case briefing, note synthesizing, outlining, and test-taking strategies.
  • Academic Success Program (ASP): Weekly meetings for each of the first-year courses provide supplemental classroom instruction and review. Taught by upper-class students who help clarify material learned in the class through skill-building exercises that will assist students in preparing for each individual exam.
  • Marquette Law Mentorship Program: Pairs incoming students with second- or third-year law students who assist them in easing the transition to Marquette University Law School and helping them quickly integrate into the law school community.
  • Organizations: Over 40 social and professional organizations provide students opportunities to get involved and to nurture their diverse interests. We are known for our close-knit, caring, and cohesive student body.


Here at Marquette Law School, we offer a whole host of programs and opportunities for students to really learn what it takes to succeed in law school. One of those programs is the Student Success Program, or SSP, where we provide general tips, advice on how to do law school. In addition, we have our Academic Success Program, our ASP sessions.

So the Academic Success Program, I think, was one of the key things that was instrumental in me being successful here at law school so far, having role models that I could look up to and say, wow, if these people were successful, then I can be successful, as well.

Students support one another in many ways.

We have the Marquette Law Mentorship Program, which pairs up incoming students with upperclassmen.

We're all there, first years not knowing what's going on. And having upperclassmen explain really the ins and outs of law school and how to make sure you're balanced so you have time to do everything else was immensely helpful.

Marquette has, I think, over 40 organizations on campus. So really, any student can get plugged into any organization that they think they would fit into.

Whether it's sports, exercise, music.

Whether someone's coming to law school with a whole team of family and friends behind them or coming on your own, when you get here to Eckstein Hall, you're going to find a supportive community waiting for you.

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