Welcome to Marquette University Law School.

Marquette University Law School fosters an educational experience that focuses on personal growth, community engagement, and pro bono service. From our Catholic, Jesuit identity, to our amazing building (Eckstein Hall), to our supportive community, Marquette law students come from across the nation to join us for a multitude of reasons.

We hope to give you a sense of what to expect at Marquette Law School, and we hope you like what you see!

Welcome to Marquette University Law School, in this electronic sense. We are delighted that you are considering applying here. And we would very much like to give you a sense of our school, from our building, Eckstein Hall, to the curricular possibilities, to the things that we can do in the community.

If I had to sum up the Jesuit identity here in one phrase, I would say cura personalis, which, in English, means care for the whole person. Marquette University Law School is very big on community service and pro bono activities. The alumni stay involved with current students by always coming in to school and being connected with different student organizations here on campus.

We have an extraordinary asset, to be sure, in Eckstein Hall, what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel refers to as the public square for Milwaukee. It's the place where intelligent citizens gather to discuss the problems of the day.

I chose Marquette University Law School because I stepped into the building, I walked around, and I was like, wow, this building is nice. But on top of that, I got a gut feeling that said that people here will actually take care of you. And that hasn't steered me wrong since I've been a law student here.

And I think students here, most importantly, care about each other. We all want to get ahead, but we don't do that at the expense of another student. We're all here to help each other be successful in the end. And I think that's one of the most important things and the main reason why I love going to Marquette University Law School.

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